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Last Updated: July 21, 2014
It is well known that dieting is a hard job and one that has many setbacks. Sometimes it seems impossible to shed those extra pounds that seem to appear quite magically. Dieting is definitely a frustrating experience for everyone. Perhaps harder than losing that weight is finding the diet that will work for you. You probably have heard claim after claim that one diet is superior to another, but who can you trust? It's bewildering. Both men and women have the same experience when confronted with figuring out which path is best for your body, when choosing a diet that will fit into your life style and will be achievable. You want to have a total long term success rather than quick victories, followed by failure and possibly the gaining of more weight than you originally had lost.

Well, at last you can breathe easy. We have done our research and have compared different diets and analyzed why they work and why they don't work. We have eliminated many of these diets that do not produce the results that are wanted. We have come up with a winner and a diet that will bring you the success you have been longing for.

Our Choice  Fat Loss Factor

Rating 10/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

"The healthiest, fastest weight loss solution..."

After so much research and comparison, we have come up with Our Numero Uno! And it's the Fat Loss Factor book. The brainchild of Dr. Charles, it's a diet that will be sure to encourage you in your goals. If it's a flat belly you long for, then you will be able to make this a reality in a timely manner if you follow the rules of this user friendly diet. Before you know it, you will be amazed at the amount of weight that you have dropped and the inches that you have trimmed off your waistline, legs, arms and other parts of your body. You can rest assured that Dr. Charles, a board certified chiropractor, will bring you the success that you have been seeking for most of your life. And what is his secret? It's the liver!

The liver is an extraordinary organ. It filters the bad from the good, but like everything else, the liver needs to be maintained or it will get clogged, in this case, with fat. High fat diets cause the liver to store body fat, which grows and grows as time goes by. These little spots of fat that can clog your liver are chylomicrons, teensy fat particles that travel from your intestine to your liver via your blood. If you were to look at blood filled with these particles, it would appear milky. You would know immediately that it's not a healthy way for blood to look.

That's where the Fat Loss Factor diet comes in. It is designed to cleanse your liver. Dr. Charles is very specific about which foods to eat and which foods not to eat. In fact, he encourages you to eat certain foods in abundance, such as raisins, onions, and garlic, because they cleanse the liver. But Dr. Charles does more than just tell you what foods are best; he also helps you psychologically by offering helpful tips on losing weight, such as how to avoid or decrease the amount of stress you have. In addition, he offers healthy recipes that will encourage fat burning as well as newsletters with helpful advice. This idea will help you:
  • Cleanse Your Liver with Healthy Choices
  • Preparing Delicious Recipes
  • Lower Stress
  • Good and Bad Foods
  • Regular Exercise

The Verdict: Healthy, simple to use, effective - our top choice.

Rating 8.7/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

Highly Recommended

The Diet Solution

Another top diet competitor is one developed by Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist, who had a weight problem for several years until she came up with a program that gave her personal success. Called The Diet Solution Program, it is easy to follow while also being safe and effective. A real plus is that you can keep the weight off that you have lost and still eat all you desire, since there is no calorie limit in this diet.

Key to the diet is learning about your own metabolism and finding out which of the three categories you fit into: protein, carb, or mixed. This is not a one size fits all diet like the Paleo diet ( All you have to do is take her quiz and you learn which foods you should avoid, since they will turn to sugar more quickly with your type of metabolism.

Part of the diet consists of Isabel's recipes and her guidance on how much protein, fat and carbohydrate according to your category. She gives other helpful tips as well, such as shopping lists and exercise tips. You can expect success with little effort. And you will find others like yourself through her online support. Her website is filled with tips, recipes, good advice, as well as with others who have similar problems, and with whom you can share, laugh and confide.

The diet includes:

  • Metabolism Quiz
  • Endless Calories
  • Easy To Begin
  • Recipes Galore

Rating 7.3/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

Also Recommended

Truth About Abs

Another cutting edge program is Truth About Abs. This diet program was developed after years of research by Mike Geary. Mike is a certified nutritionist and certified personal trainer. He is a well-respected author of books and articles on websites, and he has spoken to groups all over the country. Truth About Abs is a combination of diet and exercise which will give you six pack abs, that iron tight, flat stomach look you've always wanted! Mike spent many years as a personal trainer specializing in body fat reduction, and he has developed a set of exercises that are superior to cardio sessions, and boring ab crunches.

Mike doesn't believe in diet pills. He feels they are a waste of money. And he doesn't use gadgets. His unique combination of exercise and diet will get rid of body fat; you will see inches fly off from your belly.

Truth About Abs will show you how to develop a can-do mindset towards muscle building, fat loss, and healthy eating. You won't remember what the "old you" was like. Meal plans are included which are healthy and tasty. Most importantly, Mike will help you reach a goal that revolves around physical fitness.

There are 80 plus recipes to choose from Mike. There are newsletters with articles, for instance, on the truth about cholesterol, or regulating blood sugar levels, as well as inspirational stories.

  • Develop Six Pack Abs
  • Exercise The Whole Body
  • Burn Off The Fat
  • Delicious Recipes

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